~ We not take reservations for classes ~
Please arrive 5-10min early


July: Teacher Line Up

Wednesdays @ 6pm
Yoga + Sound Bath with Tobi
19th: Paul
26th: Georgina

Saturdays @ 9am
Awaken Mind + Body
22nd: Heather
29th: Karen

Saturdays @ 11am
Heart Flow Yoga with Gabriella

Sundays @ 10am
Mellow Yoga
23rd: Neysa
30th: Karen

Sundays 3-4pm
Sound Bath Meditation
23rd: Ryan
30th: Vincent



Class Cancellations:
Friday, 28th @ 5pm
Essential Oil Rejuvenation Yoga with Georgina

Class Substitutions:

Wednesdays @ 8am
Hatha Soup with Patricia

19th - Heather

Fridays @ 8am
Core Integrity Yoga with Patricia

21st - Karen

~ Please see our current yoga schedule below ~

9-10:30am Gentle Yoga Flow - Ray Jayne
11-12:30pm Yoga Santosha - Karen
4-5:30pm Joyful Yoga Flow - Georgia
6-7:30pm Hot Power Vinyasa - Sabrina

9-10:30am Victorious Vinyasa - Salila
4-5:30pm Barre Sculpt Yoga - Sabrina
6-7:30pm Gentle Yoga Flow - Ray Jayne

8-9:30am Hatha Soup - Patricia
10-11:30am Yin Yoga - Neysa
4-5:30pm Hot Core Yoga - Georgina
6-7:30pm Yoga (check above for teacher) + Sound Bath with Tobi

9-10:30am Gentle Yoga Flow - Ray Jayne
11-11:30am Vibrant Vinyasa - Heather
5-6:30pm Unwind Yoga - Caryn
7-8:30pm Hot Vinyasa Sound Bath - Sabrina + Tobi

8-9:30am Core Integrity Yoga - Patricia
10-11:30am Soulful Yoga Flow - Paul
5-6:30pm Essential Oil Rejuvenation Yoga - Georgina

9-10:30am Awaken Mind + Body Yoga (check above for teacher)
11-12:30pm Heart Flow Yoga - Gabriella

10-11:30am Mellow Yoga (check above for teacher)
3-4pm Sound Bath Meditation - Ryan

$12. Drop in / No reservations taken for classes
~ or ~
Yoga Stimulus Card: $120. for 12 classes ($10. per class)
Payment Methods: Cash or check only

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